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We tried the new Cannabis Cafe on Whiteladies Road

It’s pot-luck that it’s opened in Bristol!

The latest craze in daily supplements has arrived in Bristol. The new Cannabis Coffee shop, Mary-Jane's Coffee, has opened on Whiteladies Road and comes highly recommended by customers. The joint opened on Friday 31st May, and is officially dealing special tea, coffee and cakes. Now you can see what Kim Kardashian made such a fuss about!

The store is the first Cannabidiol ("CBD") coffee shop in the South West and its founder, Jon Antoniou, told The Tab Bristol that "it might be the very first" in the UK.

Mary-Jane's Coffee uses oil extracted from Hemp, which is a strain of the Cannabis plant. A spokesperson for Mary-Jane's Coffee said: "CBD… can support the body's endocannabinoid system which helps to maintain a person's health and balance". However, unlike certain coffee shops in Amsterdam, these drinks do not contain the psychoactive substance, THC.

The CEO, Antoniou, said: "It is believed that an estimated 300,000 people in the UK are already regularly taking CBD supplements". He also highlighted that Mary-Jane's Coffee the products are "independently laboratory tested and found to contain no THC".

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P.S – the oil tastes A LOT better in a mocha

Customers seemed pleased with their CBD infused teas and coffees and, despite being able to see the drops of oil in your cup, one customer told us: "it doesn't taste any different". The shop was buzzing and busy with all walks of life wanting to try the substance, or just wanting a coffee and a bite to eat.

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Very Insta worthy coffees

The cafe is also concerned about its environmental impact. We caught up with the Chief Technical Officer, Jenka Kaslik, who said: "Why create a business that's going to have a negative impact? You've got to make something positive". The shop runs on renewable energy, its smoothie cups are completely compostable and its coffee is ethically sourced from Brazil.

Mary Jane's Coffee intends to become a familiar name in Bristol and beyond, especially as CBD is most effective when taken regularly. They plan to open their next shop on Park Street.