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Here are the funniest official suggestions that you can vote on to rename Senate House

Why not ‘Building McBuildingface’?

The University have received over 200 suggestions for the possible new name of Senate House, and are now asking that YOU, yes YOU, whittle down that list to a shortlist of just five. You have until February 18th to decide.

This is the first time in the 110 year history of the University, that students have been granted this privilege, which is why it should be taken VERY, VERY SERIOUSLY.

'It is of paramount importance' (Taj, 'Come Fly With Me', 2010) that we do not waste this opportunity to release some pent-up immaturity onto our campus. This is why we have collated the funniest of the suggestions to rename Senate House, on which you can vote, via the link at the bottom of the page.

If you are a fool, or indeed a horse, shocked by the recent news that Blue Mountain is closing, chose 'Blue Mountain', 'Bring Back Blue Mountain', or 'Save Blue Mountain' as the name of the University’s central building.

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If only someone would look at me, the way that white t-shirted Blue Mountain Goer looks into the camera…

Alternatively, if you find DnB repulsive, and would prefer to snuggle up in a fluffy blanket, with a few scented candles flickering away (probably in Durdham), 'Hygge' might be the selection for you.

If you want to reference the very reason why the public shouldn’t be allowed to name things, you can vote for 'Uni McUniface' or 'Building McBuildingface'.

If you are prone to nostalgia, or simply want to fit in with the older members of your chosen sports team, chose 'Bunker'.

If you are an intellectual of the highest regard, and wouldn’t touch a Donervans with a ten foot barge pole (what is barge pole?) , 'Taka Taka House' is clearly what you should vote for.

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If you honestly think that just because you’ve had two glasses of vino you can sing like Amy Winehouse, and that the soundtrack to Hamilton, Moana or Mamma Mia 2, constitutes the best accompaniment to a pres, then 'The Greatest Showhouse' might be the one for you.

If you enjoy saxophones and have spotted the fact that Senate House is indeed in the middle of our street, 'Our House' might be the choice for you.

The best choice however, is simply 'House.' It is simple, yet defiant, and will leave students perplexed for generations to come.

Whatever you do, promise me one thing. Don’t, please just don’t, vote for 'House of Memes'. Please.

You have until February 18th to vote on the above suggestions or chose from many more, by following this link.