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Bristol Uni rugby club remove Social Sec after chicken liver incident

The SU are monitoring behaviour at socials

Bristol Uni rugby club have removed their Social Sec from his position, following the recent chicken liver incident, The Bristol Tab can reveal.

Towards the end of last year, freshers were made to eat raw chicken livers. Some of them experienced salmonella-like symptoms as a result.

In a statement to the Tab Bristol, the SU said: "We haven’t opened a formal investigation as we have not received a complaint or an eye witness account on what happened. We have however had a meeting with the rugby club to challenge them on what was alleged in the article.

"The club told us they had already proactively taken action to address misconduct by one individual. We will continue to meet with them to ensure that socials are run responsibly and inappropriate behaviour is challenged."

When pressed on who exactly the individual was and what action was taken, the SU confirmed that it was the social secretary who was removed, emphasising that "the club took that action themselves."

We contacted the UBRFC club captain and the outgoing Social Sec, but both declined to comment.

One club member however, was keen to add: "Improvement would have to come from within. Committee need to change the whole idea of what rugby socials involve, and how people conduct themselves during those socials."

Another member added, rugby "is a great sport and it would be a shame for the culture to drive its reputation into the ground."