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Why Badock’s druggy reputation is unfair

Hold your horses, it’s not that ketty

It's always been thought that if you crave keys at Lakota on a Tuesday, then country strolls in the Cotswolds on a Sunday, Badock –(affectionately) termed K-dock — might just be the place for you.

Once described by a third year History student as full of "ket-taking streetonians from the home counties who have second homes in the south of France", it's fair to say this hall in Stoke Bishop has a unique reputation.

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The infamous hall even has its own Insta

But why does Badock have this reputation and is it valid? We spoke to a past member of the Badock team to find out.

They said: "In Badock you see what you’re looking for. If people point out stereotypes, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy."

The member of staff admitted that whilst Badock does have a reputation for being the "druggy" hall at Bristol, this is in fact a "lazy stereotype", and the main reason for its exaggerated status is "because people think it should have this reputation."

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Questioned on the validity of Badock’s drug reputation, they said: "Over the years, drug related incidents in Badock have come in peaks and troughs."

They were also keen to comment that most drug use is hard to detect. Most people are subtle and pass under the radar and the physical indicators of substances such as Xanax and Ketamine are relatively unperceivable to the human eye, especially when compared to the wandering jaws associated with MDMA.

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It is beauty. It is grace.

Speculating on the future and in light of recent changes to the university's pastoral system, it was added: "Without senior residents and wardens, drug-related incidents could go down as less of it will be reported or detected, yet equally there could be a rise due to there being less order and control."

Having lived at Badock for a year, I agree that if you want its reputation to be realised you won’t struggle in finding substantial evidence. But equally if you don’t, there is no pressure at all to conform to the "lazy stereotype" of the hall.

The truth is, you shouldn't be put off by this stereotype about Badock. In the same way that not everyone in Durdham goes to bed before 10pm with a cup of camomile tea (it's peppermint, actually), not everyone in Badock fuses Trainspotting with Tatler.

Badock is widely regarded as one of the more sociable, fun halls in Bristol and you shouldn’t be put off by poorly founded preconceptions.