New 1,000 capacity temporary venue TEMPLE to open in Bristol

We have discounted tickets for 100 lucky Bristol students

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Bristol Slang 101: when Bristol students say ‘back to uni, back to lectures’, what they really mean is 'back to uni, back to raving'. If you’re lucky enough to even somewhat resemble a functional human being by the end of Freshers' Week , get your party calendars out – you can refresh Mediasite later.

Just when you thought Bristol has run out of places to come across 'six tap waters please' and a thousand pairs of gun fingers, Alfresco Disco provides yet another opportunity with the opening of TEMPLE, a brand-new venue in City Centre where they will host a 3-part series of house-techno-disco rituals.

Not the kind of rituals the organisers have in mind

Unwilling to reveal even a single glimpse of the venue , the organisers are keeping details secret ahead of the launch party on October 6th. To find out if the mystery is really worth the hype, we spoke to Alfresco Disco boss Luke Turner:

That's over the club's capacity

So what is the main idea behind TEMPLE and how will it fit in with other venues across Bristol?

"TEMPLE is a a temporary venue in central Bristol. We usually throw one off secret location parties but we have felt for a long time that there was no 'mid-sized' venue that is intimate but big enough to have a really incredible atmosphere.

"The space we have unearthed is perfect for a series of events…it's a disused space that no one will have been to before, ever. But it’s central at the same time, so it's really accessible."

And what can we expect from the event series?

"We like to continually try and push the boundaries of what can be done with our events and each one is going to be different from the next."

I’m intrigued…though this sounds a bit like the Old Crown Courts, perhaps with a more 'underground' vibe. What makes this venue different?

"It's not like the Crown Courts. The space is totally different. It's more industrial. It will host a series of carefully curated and themed events that will have their own vibe, but the focus will be very much on the music. And will be a lot of fun as well, of course – it's Alfresco after all."

In terms of music, what should the rave regulars be excited about?

"We want to create a space for a series of events where people can go and feel totally free to dance and be themselves…cutting edge, interesting music in an amazing space. I can't reveal the DJ line up. But if you look at our past bookings you will get a good idea of what it will be…Bristol hasn't seen a space like this for a long time, if ever."

For a hint of to what to expect, Alfresco Disco's previous bookings included Axel Boman, Session Victim, Aunti Flo, Mr Ties, Derrick May, San Proper, and Lord Leopard.

For those already polishing their no-longer-white pair of Stan Smiths or picking out their fifteenth pair of flares, Alfresco Disco blessed us Bristol students with a super secret, secret link to half price tickets. Just 100 of these are up for grabs. Hurry up, this isn't Mediasite. And don't forget your student ID.

And as always: you can resit an exam, but you can’t resit a rave (Marcus Aurelius, 161 AD).

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