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Here are the pics of Bristol caretaker Herman’s luxury holiday with his wife

The couple had not visited Herman’s home country in almost a decade


University of Bristol caretaker Herman Gordon has enjoyed a luxurious holiday at a five-star resort in Montego Bay with the help of student funding.

More than £1,500 was raised by Bristol students so that the beloved caretaker could visit his home country along with his wife, Denise Gordon.

Footage of Herman's emotional reaction when being presented with the money raised for his flights went viral in June.

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The couple enjoying a glorious day at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort

Herman and Denise started their holiday with a two-night stay at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & Private Island, courtesy of Sandals Resorts and the generosity of Bristol students.

As part of a belated 23rd wedding anniversary celebration, Herman and his wife enjoyed a couple's message and private candlelit dinner on the beach.

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Herman and Denise soaking up the sun

When arriving at the resort, Herman said : “God bless you all. Everybody will see this and think that I’m a trillionaire.”

Denise added: "I just wanted to say thank you to all the University of Bristol students for this gift that they have given to me and Herman.”

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The Gordons enjoying a beautiful sunset evening

The couple plan to continue their holiday by visiting family in Kingston.