The parents of a deceased Bristol student have appealed to a coroner to investigate Bristol University’s actions

The pre-inquest hearing could determine if the student’s death breached the Human Rights Act

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The parents of a second-year physics student who passed away in April have appealed to a coroner to investigate Bristol University's actions.

Having received advice from the charity INQUEST, the parents of the deceased student have been in contact with a barrister to put their case forward at a pre-inquest review hearing at Avon Coroner's Court.

A deeper investigation may have to be carried out by the coroner

It is expected that the parents will argue through lawyers that the inquiry into the death may cover a 'multi-agency failure', which could potentially mean a breach in the Human Rights Act.

The hearing may discuss if the student's death is considered a breach of Article 2 of the Human Rights Act, which protects the right to life. If so, the coroner will be required to carry out an enhanced investigation.

Bristol students took to the streets in May to march for better mental health services

The parents will also be using the roles of other organisations – such as the NHS – to form their application.

Lawyers acting for the parents refuse to confirm the legal cases they will be making at this week's hearing.

These actions are in the light of the nine student deaths the University of Bristol has seen since September 2016, with another two suspected suicides at UWE.

The University created a green area for students in the ASS as part of the library's wellbeing events

Whilst Bristol University has announced that it will be putting £1m aside to employ Wellbeing Advisors in the hope of improving mental health services, it has been suggested that current students are lacking adequate support.

The final decision regarding the student's death will be made by Senior Coroner for Avon, Maria Voisin.