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A final list of quotes overheard in Bristol this year

‘Ketamine absolutely ruins the taste of pheasant’

It's been a helluva year at Bristol. Snow, strikes, an earthquake- all we needed to complete it was the biblical plague of locusts and frogs.

Along with the ongoing controversies of mental health and pastoral care, there were exams, balls, emotional leavings, LSTD and a snow drenched ski drip alongside the ritual traditions of hall parties and Triangle club nights.

Such a hectic term is surely responsible for creating a bumper crop of ingenious quotes from the wise and witty students of UoB. After five editions of 'Overheard in Bristol', sit back and enjoy the last one of 2017-18 to round off the year in suitably enjoyable style….

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"Who needs cocaine when you've got Wetherspoons?!"

"Gonna bang an ibuprofen" "Don’t double drop" "Yeah. hope the come-up isn’t too bad" "Sounds a bit next…imagine if a foreigner heard this leng"

"… which is why that house on Hanbury Road has a xan ban"

"I'm a middleman not a drug dealer"

Spring rituals

Returning from Easter: "I’m afraid I left my Thorntons egg in my second home"

On the ski trip: "The bus driver thought we were really good at sleeping but we were just on Valium"

On the ski trip: "In Tiger they had different drinks deals including flashing, giving them your used g strings and taking off your bra for them to keep. I would as long as I wasn’t wearing Victoria’s Secret"

"Got a few deals waiting to come through so Ascot is going to be bloody expensive"

Poshness and privilege

"Say what you will about nepotism but it got me my foot in the door"

"I’m seeing three guys from Harrow but none of them are posh twats though"

From a crying girl in Spoons: "I wish people would stop saying I don’t have a student loan and am privileged. I do have one but it’s unlimited and from my dad so it’s the same thing! I suffer and struggle with money too and no one seems to care"

"Everyone in the ASS has Stockholm Syndrome for capitalism"

Bonus round: Overheard in Wills

"I should really start bringing my truffle salt to breakfast"

"The first time I used that Orwell book was to do lines off it for my 21st birthday"

"Ketamine absolutely ruins the taste of pheasant"

"Hiatt Baker is just so BTEC"