Bristol University plan to contact the parents of struggling students to tackle rise in suicides

They also want families to tell the uni of any pre-existing problems

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Bristol University is planning to contact the parents of students that are struggling in the hope of improving its mental health services.

The university will ask for students' permission before contacting their families. They will also encourage families to inform staff of any problems their child may be experiencing before starting their degree at Bristol.

These new measures are a reaction to the recent uprise in student suicides after at least nine students from Bristol University have taken their lives since October 2016.

Vice-Chancellor Hugh Brady said: "We want to get ahead, get to students much more early with a view to supporting them, a new relationship with schools, prospective students and their parents even before they get here."

If you need help yourself, or know of someone that needs help, here is a list of services open to Bristol students. The Samaritans also have a 24/7 helpline on 116 123 , their website can be found here.