Best Dressed in Stoke Bishop this week

The best of a bad bunch tbh

On a wet and wild Wednesday afternoon, we went in search for Bristol’s most fashionable freshers.

Stoke Bishop – Bristol’s very own fashion hub. It’s young, it’s trendy, and it’s got the Source Cafe. Could anywhere else emulate such a chic vibe? Absolutely.

Unfortunately, we did not discover the next Kate Moss. But we think we got pretty close.

Here’s the best of a mediocre bunch…

Isabelle and Jemima, Anthropology and Psychology

That coat though..

Rebecca and Tilly, Anthropology and Psychology

That jacket brightens your day

Molly, Psychology

Clean trainers

Nicky and Kim, Cleaning

These two know how to pose

Sophie and Katie, Politics and Biology

They were absolute babes

Anna and Ella, Psychology and Theatre Studies

Sophie, Geography

Groovy af

Cairo and Antony, Geoscience and English

“Oooh… they look good”- Tab Editor 2k17

Hazel and Nicky, Law

Such style

Max and James, Business and Law

That denim jacket caught my attention

Thank you to everyone who got persuaded/harangued into taking part.

Vote below for who you thought was the best dressed: