New figures suggest Bristol students face massive shortage of student housing

Almost two students to every bed

Research by has revealed the stark ratio between students at top universities and the accommodation provided to them.

With huge numbers of students beginning courses in September this year, the high proportion of beds to students is viewed by some in the industry as a cause for concern.

Statistically, there are only 1.554 beds for these 3 students

Statistically, there are only 1.554 beds for these 3 students

Bristol is 20th on the list with a student to bed ratio of 1:93. At the top, Southampton has an astounding 41 students to every bed provided by the university. Exeter is close behind with more than 22 students per bed.

Needless to say, private student housing companies have cashed in big time. Unite, which owns 11 of Bristol’s student residences, now provides beds for over 50,000 students in over 24 cities. Privately owned residences cost on average £40 a week more than uni-provided accommodation.

Robby Du Toit, managing director of, commented that the figures were "an extortionate amount of money", and "completely unfeasible for students who are already tight for cash".

Where will all the students go??

Where will all the students go??

The University of Bristol has responded that "in a national context, Bristol offers comparatively high numbers of purpose built student accommodation", but has acknowledged a student housing shortage for students beyond first year.

A spokesperson confirmed to The Tab Bristol that the University is working on a ‘Student Residences' Strategy’ with UWE and local authorities in order to further look at solutions to this problem.

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