Jamie Nugent

Jamie Nugent
Bristol University


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Live: Bristol Student Elections 2018 Results

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If you’re against marketisation then you probably shouldn’t support the strikes

The lecturers have got it all wrong

Exact plans for four weeks of staff strikes at Bristol Uni released

Can we have our money back please?

Bristol Friends of Palestine set to protest outside Israeli diplomat talk

It’ll be a ‘Rally Against Apartheid’

Foreverland at Lakota slammed as ‘a huge scam’

Partygoers are demanding refunds

Breaking: Hotcha Bristol raided on suspicion of money laundering

4 people were arrested

Here’s why our University Vice Chancellor is worth £282,472 a year

Bristol’s senior staff deserve their salaries

A new report reveals just how badly Britain’s universities are failing their students

A stinging indictment

New figures show 12 Bristol Uni staff are paid more than the Prime Minister

Our chancellor earns double Theresa May’s salary

Lovesick musician won’t stop playing piano on College Green until he gets his ex back

Take a hint mate

New figures suggest Bristol students face massive shortage of student housing

Almost two students to every bed

A-level results day: Welcome to Bristol, freshers

A handy guide to your new uni

Robbery at Clifton Village Jewellery Store


A brief guide to all the Bristol Metro Mayor candidates

Voting takes place in two days time

Two Bristol Biomed exams annulled due to University errors

All students involved were given 0%

There are over 3000 students attending a Year 10 parents evening event near Bristol on Facebook

Azeem would be proud

Revealed: Bristol Uni library made more than £300,000 from fines from 2013 – 2016

According to University data

UOB has put an end to book fines in all Uni libraries


Stop saying you’re just a ‘social smoker’

You’re not fooling anyone.

Digs closes early on day of Student Protest

It probably wasn’t the rain

Bristol’s NUS delegate elections are almost over

Vote now

There’s an anti-Trump protest happening in Bristol on Saturday

“Say no to Trump, no to racism”

4 months on, Brexit hasn’t been the disaster we thought it would be

A hopeful perspective