Bristol Pryzm to dish out free McDonald’s at bouncy castle foam-filled Freshers Festival

There’ll also be free Domino’s

The team behind Toast Tuesdays are back and they're bringing an all new indoor festival to Bristol next month, with priority tickets getting a 20% discount.

On 26th September, Pryzm nightclub will host an array of entertainment including performers, dancers, a bouncy castle, fondue Fountain and candyfloss dispenser alongside the biggest UV foam cannon in the UK.

But what has aroused most attention so far has been the veritable smorgasbord of free food offered to attendees.

Nom nom nom

Nom nom nom

Free McDonald's, KFC and Domino's will be lavishly dispensed to the intoxicated revellers, alongside doughnuts and ice cream.

As is traditional with any Toast Tuesdays event, free toast will also be handed out with Nutella and Peanut Butter spread.

Fortunately for food lovers, the festival will be spread out across three rooms, ensuring the grub will not be distributed in the same room as the foam cannon.

Longest yeah boiii ever

Longest yeah boiii ever

Each room will also play different genres of music to cater for all musical tastes, with event organisers promising that "only Bristols most entertaining DJs will showcase" at the festival.

Following the success of Toast Tuesdays in Bristol, the event has been picked up in Bath and is about to launch in Nottingham as well.

To find out more information, visit the club night's Facebook page and to sign up for tickets, click here.