Bristol club aims to smash Guinness World Record

A drunk food record breaker

Thekla, one of Bristol’s favourite late night venues is making drunk food happen before the end of the club night.

Those who attend Toast Tuesdays can expect a brilliant night, consisting of great music, £2 jagerbombs and a comforting serving of toast by the time everyone gets sleepy. The magically appearing toast is prepared behind the DJ booth then unleashed into the hands of the ravers.

The amount of toast consumed by Thekla-goers has been massively increasing every week, so much so that there’s potential to give it a bigger name by smashing actual records.

The club night has had a busy series of weeks with their Valentine’s traffic light party and Pancake Day celebrations both coming to great success.

These guys love toast

The club have decided to attempt a Guinness World Record for the most amount of toast consumed in a night club. Their proposition has been published and they are awaiting confirmation.

If all goes to plan, a record will be set if 750 guests turn up to Toast Tuesdays, and consume 750 slices of bread, 8kg Nutella and 5kg butter, which is pretty darn exciting.

There’ll be an announcement of a record breaking attempt as soon as it’s confirmed and another special will take place. Until then, continue to set your drunken Pizza Palace and Diamond Kebab dreams aside and enjoy the free toast!