Robbery at Clifton Village Jewellery Store


Clifton Village residents are reeling from a stunning smash and grab robbery that took place earlier this afternoon.

At 1 o’clock on Princess Victoria Street, four men on motorbikes with axes attacked the front window of Greg-Harris and Company, an antiques and jewellery dealer.

Local business owners who witnessed the scene said they thought it was a car accident until they stepped outside and saw the young men grabbing as much jewelry as they could get hold of before roaring away in the direction of Clifton Suspension Bridge.

One shop owner tried to intervene but was warded off by one of the men wielding an axe. The whole thing was over in less than five minutes. By the time the police arrived the incident was over, but bystanders were able to film the crime as it occurred.

However, no-one saw their faces as they were wearing big helmets. Bystanders also picked up several pieces of jewellery that the robbers had left behind and returned them to the shop.

The incident follows several others which have occurred in Clifton Village during the past year, including those which took place at the Co-op, at the Mall and on Portland Street.

One eye witness told The Tab Bristol that this incident was “definitely organised crime”.