Which meme is your Bristol fresher hall?

Are you more of a Salt Bae or Damn Daniel?

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The explosive popularity of meme’s in the past few years is a defining trait of our generation. With this in mind, this is an exclusive guide to help you understand the Bristol Fresher’s halls from the basic memes, to the king of all memes.

Wills – Blinking Guy

If you told people in Wills that they actually aren’t the best; this would be their reaction. Cocky, smug and arguably the ‘king’ of all memes, this meme is cardinal over all with its ability to be manipulated into any situation in the world of memes.

But really, it’s a bit overused and I can’t help imagining it relies on daddy’s money to get through.

Churchill – Confused Math Lady

You’re popular, posh and powerful. Yet you struggle to find the true meaning behind what life is; the math equation here is symbolic of Churchellian’s ephemeral search to find themselves on their gap yah’s in South- East Asia.

Through this meme you are try to forge your own identity, but in reality, you’re just a slightly worse version of the blinking guy: a bit more basic and trying too hard.

Hiatt Baker Self-Catered – Meryl Singing

This meme is fresh on the scene, adding a new slice of flavor to the meme-sphere, just like Hiatt Baker amidst the ageing and historic buildings in Stokey B. Meryl singing is the meme that everyone wants to use and be involved with, much like everyone choosing Hiatt Baker as their first choice.

Although you’re trying to fit in with the Blinking Guy and the Confused Math Lady from Wills and Churchill, in time you’ll find your position amongst the most prestigious memes.

Hiatt Baker Catered –  Screaming

You’re just the worse version of Meryl singing.

Badock – Evil Kermit

Your friend from Badock truly acts like evil Kermit; encouraging you to commit heinous acts which you had never thought of doing before coming from you sweet, detached house in the home counties.

Badock is daring, rebellious and downright cool.

Evil Kermit probably takes drugs.

Durdham – Damn Daniel


You pity people who still use the Damn Daniel meme just like you would if someone told you they were from Durdham.

Sweet, short lived, and alright at the time, but now just a bit annoying and old. You probably own a pair of white vans too. Boring.

UH – Italian Hand

Just a bit plain and dull really. Sainsbury’s basics.

Goldney – Salt Bae

You’re fun, popular and admired. But just like Goldney residents striving to fit in within the Stoke Bishop bubble, Salt Bae tries to secure its position with the exclusive Stoke Bishop memes; often trying too hard by being used irrelevantly and nonsensically.

All too similar to Goldney’s irrelevant location – not in the city nor in Stoke Bishop. Although you try hard to fit in, you’ll never live up to the legacy of the Evil Kermit.

Unite – Cash Me Ousside

If Unite House were a person it probably would be Danielle Brigolli from the infamous Cash Me Ousside meme.

You’re rough around the edges and need a bit of TLC. And you have power cuts nearly every week; just like the power cuts going off in Danielle Brigoli’s brain cells.

Orchard Heights – Arthur’s Wrist

The superior to Unite House, Arthur’s wrist is cooler and a bit more popular than the Cash Me Ousside Girl.

You’re angry that you probably don’t like everyone in your flat and that the you live on top of the O2 and you channel this through extortionate and passionate emotions funnelled into your right wrist.

But at least you don’t have power cuts or have to get the 16.

Riverside – Roll Safe

‘You can’t be called a posh twat if you don’t live in Stoke Bishop.’

Riverside people understand that their buildings are a bit grotty, and smell like burnt sugar, but they make the most out of a bad situation by being smart, witty and tactical – just like the guy from Roll Safe.

I mean, they all chose to live in Riverside; there must be some logic there. We all know that riverside truly is the place to be.

Woodland Road – Blurry Mr Krabs

This is my reaction to the existence of these halls.