Bristol hates Trump more than any other city in the UK

More signatures to block Trump from the UK came from Bristol than anywhere else

Over 1 million people have signed a petition to stop the Trump State Visit, and results say Bristol hates Donald Trump more than anywhere else in the UK.

President Donald Trump, a week after his inauguration, has already managed to piss off the entire world.

In the first week of his Presidency, he has enacted Executive Orders in order to fulfil campaign promises such as the Wall (which apparently the US is now paying for), stopping the Syrian refugee program indefinitely, and suspending immigration from 7 predominantly Muslim countries.

When Theresa May visited Washington DC last week, she extended an official invitation to President Trump from Her Majesty The Queen to make an official State Visit to the UK, which President Trump accepted.

In response to President Trump’s latest measures, over 1,3 million Brits have signed a petition in order to prevent him from making a State Visit “because it would cause undue embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen.”

If we divide it up by regions in the UK, the location where the most people signed the petition is Bristol West.

Over 5.1% of all signatories came from the Bristol constituency.

With Bristol being 0.5% ahead of the closest region behind, Hackney N and Stoke Newington, approximately 66,300 Bristolians want to keep President Trump out of the UK, more than any other region in the UK.