The best dressed students at the EFM Ball

Starring fit people downing drinks

They promised us Bristol’s biggest Christmas ball. And at their recent Orient Express shindig, Economics Society certainly delivered.

Hundreds of inebriated students crammed into the opulent splendour of the Bristol Harbour Hotel to quaff bubbly, compare stock options and dance the night away. Following a champagne reception, the ‘Express’ moved onto a sumptuous three course dinner featuring the finest Fuze dance talent and magical bottles of  wine that seemed to replenish themselves at opportune moments.

After dinner, photo booth pics and some spontaneous table dancing, the party moved on to Pryzm where attendees ended the evening in various stages of dishevelment and delirium.

Big shout out to party organiser extraordinaire Anthony Vijaykumar who has transformed EFM society from a mostly unknown entity into one of the coolest societies around.

Below are featured the finest financiers we found that evening:

The Best Dressed

Warning: Hayekplosives

“I should have drunk more champagne”- John Maynard Keynes

Orange is the New Black

Squad goalz

That phallic imagery tho

A couple of Christmas crackers

From Paris, with love

Wanna liquidate my assets?

The invisible hand at work

With the fresh, on da sesh

Check out my stock porfolio gurl

And the Worst

Who invited them?