Bristol’s Best Bums 2016: THE BOYS

Vote for your favourite backside

You’ve patiently waited, compulsively checking The Tab Bristol Facebook page at least once a day to catch a glimpse of some glorious arses.

Butt now, you can put the anxiety behind you.

Here are the male finalists for Bristol’s Best Bums 2016 and only you, the reader, can pick the champion at the bottom of the page.

You can find the female entries here.

Marcus Buttocks

Did this glorious pose really need a filter?

Willbur McRumpson-Tushman

Locked outside of his room in Wills, classic.

Boris McBasketballs

Jesus christ

Sam Buttman (left) + Kyle Buttman (right)

Out in the cold

Tom + Dick + Harry

Francois Derriere 

Full english.

Keith Keister