Calling all Caras, Gigis, and musical maestros: Fuze 2017 wants you

The first round of auditions are this Sunday

It may only be October, but the early piling of santa-clad merchandise in every shop is heralding in the not too distant start of 2017. After the success of the previous Fuze event, an Alice in Wonderland themed extravaganza, work is already underway to make next year’s event even better.

Photo by James Chisholm

Fuze is an annual student-led event, which highlights the best of independent fashion, music, and dance.

Last year’s show saw models clad in gilded gowns glide down the runway to the delight of a raucous audience (although in typical student style, it was the underwear and swimwear segments of the show that encouraged the greatest applause).

In between the fashion, an array of talented musicians performed pieces from a variety of different genres, and some of the most unforgettable moments of the event were courtesy of the energetic and gifted dancers. With shops, raffles, and freebies up for grabs, Fuze was an unmissable event in the student calendar, made even better by the fact that all of the proceeds went to charity.

Although the theme and the charity are still both tightly under wraps, next year’s event promises to be an even more exciting experience.

In order to make Fuze a professional and unforgettable few nights, models and musicians are needed.

Model auditions will be taking place at the Bristol Grammar School on Sunday 9th October, 12-2pm, as well as another opportunity at Churchill Hall on Friday 14th of October.

Unlike Tyra and co, Fuze are looking for more than a batch of tall, slim models. Instead, they’re after a variety of interesting people, of all ethnicities and sizes, who are confident and energetic enough to impress. If you think you fit the bill, then feel free to turn up for a 10 minute drop in session on either date!

Music auditions will be taking place on the 21st-22nd of October, although these dates are currently provisional and could be subject to change. If you fancy yourself as the next Sean Paul, or perhaps preferably the next Noel Gallagher, please come along and you could have a chance to share your music with a wide audience!

Check out Fuze on Facebook for updates on the event.