Chloe Cole

Chloe Cole
Bristol University


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Fuze sells out both nights, with only Sunday matinee tickets remaining

Sunday Matinee tickets are now 20% off with the code ‘FUNKYSUNDAY’

The best clubbers in Bristol this week

They’re quite well bread tbf

Bristol’s best dressed students of the week

Vote for your favourite

Eight Bristol students went on blind dates and Burst radio recorded it

What’s more romantic than a cosy drink being broadcast to thousands of students?

Stop what you’re doing, there’s a Tinder app for Dogs

Why waste your time on humans?

Bristol vet students launch charity to help homeless people and their pets

Calling all animal lovers

Drag queens are the most important role models of our generation

‘Can I get an amen?’

Calling all Caras, Gigis, and musical maestros: Fuze 2017 wants you

The first round of auditions are this Sunday

I accidentally entered into the Instagram world where people obsess over tights

Apparently some people on insta have a thing for my nylon covered feet

Fuze 2016: Bristol’s best dressed fight against bullying

Bristol’s most beautiful, flexible, and fashionable take the stage

Bringing your teddy bears to uni is the best decision you’ll make

They’re all you need

Life is hard when you’ve got big boobs

I didn’t choose the big boob life, the big boob life chose me

Galentine’s Day is so much better than Valentine’s Day

It’s no contest

I can’t be alone in wondering: Why is everyone at Bristol from London?

It’s like Made in Chelsea decamped to Clifton Down Sainsbury’s

Face it, the ‘friends zone’ is a bullshit term

Be honest: you’re either attracted to someone, or you’re not

You’re more likely to get into Bristol if you’re from a private school

No shock there

Can this please be the year we finally stop criticising girls who wear cat ears for Halloween?

Add cat ears to cleavage and everyone thinks you’re a slut

Social etiquette for one night stands

The do’s and dont’s of casual sex

A new clue has been found in the search for DJ Derek

The mystery continues to unfold

Gloucester Road is the most dangerous area in Bristol

Watch yourself walking back from Lakota

Watch out, the university system is rigged to leave you as poor as possible

Why aren’t we given more protection from money-grabbing banks and businesses?

Adding chicken nuggets to everything you eat is a terrible idea

I made a chicken nugget ice cream sundae and it was revolting

A swift pint in a Kent pub with Nigel Farage

He thinks we should ‘make a fortune’ out of foreign students

The best places to dump someone in Bristol

It’s not me, it’s you

We asked some robot-building electrical engineers to play Shag, Marry, Kill

‘I would not have sex with a robot’

You too could transform your pleasant student property into a hovel

Neat freaks are losers, it’s time to make your place mess-merising

The Cantocks Steps are ridiculously hard to walk up

We’re really proud of our Photoshop skills

My family gave me a boar’s head to celebrate my A-levels

A-levels were a boar, but Nessy’s not

If you’re going to drunk text, learn from my mistakes

Your phone is NOT your friend