Dissertation results accidentally uploaded online at Bristol uni

Can they get anything right?


Third-year classics and ancient history students were shocked to find that their dissertation grades were accidentally uploaded online yesterday.

This is another instance in a long line of University of Bristol administration gaffes this year. Only three weeks ago a second year law exam was uploaded onto Blackboard one week before the date it was set to be sat.

Now, students coming to the end of their three years of study were faced with another university mistake. Those who found out that their dissertation marks were poor and were still faced with sitting an exam on the 3rd of June were reported to be extremely disheartened.

As a result, some students are complaining to university administration and are even considering to press for extenuating circumstances.

Here’s a copy of the email sent to the third year students about the mistake:

Georgie Wilson, a third-year ancient history student, said: “This is such a nightmare for some people. After finding out you got a poor dissertation mark it puts even more pressure on you to perform.”

Other students like Edmund Wise, third-year ancient history, took a more apathetic approach: “I don’t really care honestly. It’s a fairly minor administrative error that’s if anything a boon to those affected by it. I would have loved to see my mark.”