‘Screaming’ boiler keeps freshers up all night before their exams

‘Apparently this is normal. Cheers Unite’

Unlucky first years at Unite House have been kept up all night by a boiler which has been emitting a constant high-pitched “scream”.

Fresher Joshua Willson was one on the students affected. He said:

“The noise is absolutely deafening. I’m on the seventh floor and it can be heard on the first. I failed my maths exam today and if this carries on I’ll end up failing the rest of them. It is absolutely impossible to sleep in these conditions.”

Another student who wished to remain anonymous said: “Unless I max my music through my headphones, which I do not like to do, it’s unbearable. There’s not much point sleeping whilst it’s happening. We usually get small windows where it stops, just for it to start up again.”

One of the residents has reportedly demanded the university reimburse them for their year of study and accommodation costs because they believe they have failed their year.

To add to the problems, there have reportedly been issues with the showers not supplying water in Unite.

The problems have now been addressed after a group of students contacted the SU and the university.