Boris Johnson came to Bristol yesterday

He made an appearance for a Vote Leave rally

The event was attended by Vote Leave campaigners, and outside were campaigners lobbying to ‘save Portishead’s green spaces’.

There were very little other protests, other than a few signs declaring Boris Johnson ‘a knob’, which was then taken down by a cyclist.

Once inside, the audience were addressed by Imi Groome, who discussed her reasons for being in the Vote Leave campaign, which centred around employment issues.

Spectators then awaited the arrival of both Fox and Johnson.

Fox entered first with his speech focused on defence and economic factors, which was greeted with applause from members of the audience.

Johnson’s main attention point was a story about ‘Britannia’ whom he declared a woman trapped in a controlling relationship with her husband, analogous to the EU. In this story, Britannia gave over her home to her husband, who allowed ‘guests’ access to the ‘medicine cupboard’. This too was met with applause.

The crowd reacted well to both Fox and Johnson, with numerous selfies being taken at the end.