What do other Universities think of Bristol?

Most of them think we’re posh druggies.

Bristol is the beacon of the South West, the prettiest, edgiest, hilliest place around. You already know this. However, the ill educated masses  from other universities may not.

We asked some of them their opinions on Bristol to see what they thought.

Jasper – University of York

The face of a man who goes clubbing in York.

“Bristol, the home of drugs, Skins and drugs. And a bridge. And drugs. This university is full of privately educated ponces (as one of those, I should know) who can’t bear to acknowledge their privileged lives so hide behind bucket hats and windbreakers before graduation and daddy’s connections will reveal how un-edgy they always were. And drugs.”

Harry White – LSE

The look of someone who gets high and listens to Tame Impala.

“Bristol is where people who could have got good jobs with their degree go to get high and listen to tame impala.”

Reuben Nash – UWE

Yes, that’s a Red Stripe

“Bristol students love to give the impression that they party hard all the time, but owning an Adidas jacket and having heard of the Motion drip doesn’t mean a thing. UoB seems dull and gives a rather snobbish impression, with many a bunker brawl started by the maroon end of the city.”

Joe H – University of Falmouth

Don’t ask.

“I honestly can’t think of anything good or bad to say about Bristol. My parents went at some point I think. I guess I’ve heard there are loads of hills?”


James – University of Leeds

James with his amazing technicolor dream jumper.

“Bristol thinks it’s edgy… but why? I don’t think I’ve every met someone who goes to Bristol who isn’t southern and disgustingly posh (main example being the writer of this article). It just seems like the sort of place you go if you have no real aims in life other than to get a job in the city and live a soulless existence. I’ve heard it is really pretty though.”

Alex – University of Warwick

I know what you’re thinking but he actually paid them for this photo.

“A private school haven, Bristol Uni feels like its trying to prove itself by being as good as Oxbridge.”

Lewis – University of Manchester

Nip slip?


“The only way Bristol is better than Manchester is that it is prettier….and it even contrives to throw that away by raining more which is quite an achievement considering Manchester.”

Zoe – University of Nottingham

Apathetic to the max

“It’s just somewhere I don’t particularly have an opinion on, both my parents went there which I guess should mean something to me, but I just really am not affected by it’s existence really… sorry.”

Grover – University of Durham

Yeah mate well you go to Durham so screw you.

“The stories I hear about drug usage astounds me. Are they actually functioning human beings over there?”

Josh –  University of Sheffield

Look at that smile.

“I would be rude about Bristol but I would have gone there if I got in so I kinda can’t….”

Aoi Nishizaki – University of Bristol

Aoi is an alright guy.

“Bristol is alright.”