We asked the UG education officer why the SU elections are important

And why he should be re-elected

It is here again, the most exciting time of the year, it’s the Bristol SU elections. In a race that has so far been described as “alright” the Tab Bristol is shaking up the entire Bristol political spectrum by giving its official endorsement to certain candidates.

With one day of voting left people, (and by ‘people’ I mean ‘me’), are saying it’s a move almost as big as Russell Brand to Ed Miliband, Chris Christie to Donald Trump, and even Kim Kardashian to Kanye West.

Because, after all, these elections matter, it is part of our role in this community and it is essential that we all do our bit and put ‘1’ in various boxes, and trawl through the various political videos edited on Windows Movie Maker.

Anyway, we caught up with the leading candidate for undergraduate education officer Max Austin to get his views on Bristol, the election, and what we can improve on.

Ronald approves

Why is it important to vote?

Once a year we elect who should run our Students’ Union. The elected officers represent all students to the university and genuinely do have the power to change things for students. So who you choose is hugely important.

Why do you think you are best suited to the role?

I have already had the role for a year. The second year would therefore give me the opportunity to embed what I have achieved this year. But importantly I also know exactly what can be done in a year. The Undergraduate Education role needs a lot of understanding of what is actually going on in the University in order to best represent students – I have acquired that this year. I can therefore hit the ground running where other candidates can’t.

What was your biggest achievement of last year?

I am really proud of the Richmond Lectures which I created. This offers societies the opportunity to nominate their dream speaker. We have a great programme this year ranging from the last Dambuster and the Head of BBC Natural History to Shami Chakrabarti! they are all free and at the SU!

Must be doing alright at the moment

Why do you think you rank so high on the Tab Power list?

I really have no idea. I guess it might have something to do with the fact that I am a current officer. But I really didn’t score that high in it! It did make me laugh though! Do you know why?

What do you love most about Bristol?

Its often said that the best bit about Bristol is the city. I completely agree with that. But for me it is also the water and the harbour side. It is really amazing being down on the waterfront in the summer and is certainly different from home!

What do you hate most about Bristol?

Please don’t get me started on the weather.

How would you define wavey garms?

No comment.

If you are interested in being part of the UoB political scene then click here.

There is only one day left of voting so make sure your vote does not go to waste. Get involved, procrastivote, it only takes 30 seconds.