Bristol’s maddest fresher: Kayode

‘I think I just piss a lot of people off when I’m drunk’


Our next entry into Bristol’s maddest fresher competition is Kayode. Hailing from London, his antics at Bristol’s various clubs have earned him notoriety among peers and staff alike.


Kayode shot to fame after a post-ball encounter with one of his lecturers, leading to an altercation that rightly earns him his place on this list.

He said: “After the law ball she went up to my taxi and started asking for our names for some reason. I was drunk and started shouting at her.”

Kayode says he still hasn’t spoken to the lecturer since the night of the incident, and is unsure as to why she was getting angry with him and his friends.

Along with the incident at the law ball, Kayode has also gained his fame for his antics at the various clubs of Bristol, confessing to the Tab: “I think I just piss a lot of people off when I’m drunk.”

In a more recent event, Kayode was kicked out of Lakota for allegedly stealing one of the toilet attendant’s lollipops.

Bump n Grind

When asked if he has any regrets about any of his escapades, Kayode said: “I hate it whenever I’m sick in a club so probably that”.

If you think Kayode embodies everything fresher, and needs to reconcile with his law lecturer, then make sure he wins Bristol’s maddest fresher.

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