Snow may finally hit Bristol this weekend

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas?

This Thursday’s clear skies and rays of sunshine may be a sneaky deception by the weather as forecasters claim the cold could bring snow this weekend.

The Met Office has claimed that temperatures will plummet to lows of 1 Celsius in the South West and that Bristol may finally see its streets in glorious white.

Although the news is sure to excite many, students set to climb St Michael’s Hill on their way to the university may be less pleased.

“Wintery showers” including cold rain and sleet have been forecast but these may very probably turn to snow if conditions allow.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said: “Rain, sleet and some hill snow will push up from the southwest on Saturday, with drier, sunnier, conditions following from Sunday, with a few wintry showers and turning much colder.”

Students should not be disheartened if the snowy prediction does not occur as the chance of snow will continue into the start of next week.