Bristol feminists want to ban Floyd Mayweather from coming to Bristol

‘Hosting a violent criminal such as Floyd Mayweather is an outrage’


Local feminists, including members of Bristol’s Feminist Society, want to ban the undefeated boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather from coming to Bristol.

The boxing superstar is set to appear in Bristol’s Colston Hall on February 2 as part of his two week “victory tour” that will see him appearing all over Britain.

Mayweather, who retired from professional boxing last summer after beating Andre Berto for his 49th professional victory, will make a speech during his appearance and will give fans a chance to meet him face to face for short periods of time.

FemSoc thinks praising Mayweather sends the wrong message to women living at risk

The idea of this event has horrified members of Bristol University’s Feminist Society and a petition has been started by local campaigners to cancel his appearance due to the various domestic violence convictions against his name.

The petition on, which as of now has 142 supporters, labels Mayweather as a “convicted woman beater who has shown no remorse” and says “hosting a violent criminal such as Floyd Mayweather is an outrage”.

It goes on to say: “It is an insult to the 71,000 women at risk in Bristol, who deserve to live in a city where perpetrators of gender violence are not held up as heroes in the very establishments their own tax money has helped fund.”

A spokesman for the event has said: “I think it’s wrong they are bringing this up. Floyd Mayweather is a changed man and now he is giving back to the kids.

“If he hears about this petition he will be furious because he is trying to give something back.”

If you wish to sign the petition you can do so here.