Second years confused after their maths exam is missing questions

The first three questions hadn’t been printed


Second year Maths students were left baffled this week when they opened their Metric Spaces exam papers to find the first three questions were missing.

Perplexed by the blank pages and short length of the paper, the whole exam hall erupted into nervous laughter.

The invigilators broke into panic when they were informed of the problem and many were forced to rush out and print the beginning of the paper again.

The mistake threw off many of the students and has led to complaints and questions of how such a large mistake was allowed to occur.

Nervous laughter broke out in the exam hall

A spokesman for the University Maths Department said: “We’re very sorry for the minor disruption caused by this administrative error. Unfortunately the first three questions were initially missing from a recent exam paper.

“Replacement papers were provided seven minutes into the exam. Students were directed to start on question four while the matter was urgently resolved, so no time was lost and they had the full two-and-a-half hours to complete the exam.

“The university manages over 1,000 exam papers during the main exam periods and such instances are extremely rare.”

Harry Webb, a second year maths student who sat the exam said: “In the scale of maths department mistakes, I still think this is one of their smaller ones. It’s amazing how much mistakes happen though.”