Which Peep Show character is your area of Bristol?

Stoke Bishop is so Jeremy

It’s hard to accept that the new series of Peep Show airing over the next month will be the last. Just like the city of Bristol, the show is full of middle-class banter and people who, despite their efforts, aren’t very cool. It’s become clear the show has influenced us all not just as individuals but as a generation. In fact, certain areas around Bristol have traits almost identical to the characters in the show.

Stokes Croft – Super Hans

People like Coldplay and voted for the Nazis. You can’t trust people

Could you name a place in the whole of the UK where Super Hans would fit in better? Stokes Croft is Super Hans. It’s the kind of place you might find someone actually dropping acid at a funeral or go to a party where some coke addict genuinely brings a snake along just for fun. Just imagine Hans (I mean the crack-addled maniac), in Lakota at five in the morning. I know, it’s terrifying.

Redland – Mark

God it’s so easy being a freak. No wonder they’re ten a penny

These lot always seem to have their house in order on the outside, try to be a bit cooler than they really are and are supposedly always loving student life in Redland.  However, like Mark, it’s not always the case. One moment you’re living the life; you’re on a solid 2:1, you’ve got a great house, great mates, maybe you’ve even found “the one”. Then you realise you’re “completely fucked”, your job prospects look screwed, you’re living in squalor, you’ve fallen out with all your flatmates and “the one” can’t stand you anymore. Classic Mark, classic Redland.

Stoke Bishop – Jeremy

I’ve never done glue. Never boffed a tranny. I’ve hardly lived

You sit around your room all day, watch daytime TV, rely on other people to do everything for you, don’t know how to use an oven and have the occasional one night stand with weird strangers. Sound familiar? You take drugs from time to time just for the hell of it, come from a middle-class background, listen to dodgy house music and really need to see a therapist. Bang on.

Clifton – Big Suze

Sounds like you want to pimp me out

Smooth-talking, good-looking, mildly annoying, straight out of London, Big Suze would go unnoticed in Clifton. Sophie Winkleman who plays the character of Big Suze is now officially known as Lady Frederick Windsor and it would be no surprise to find other Lords and Ladies wandering the streets of Clifton Village. Charming enough people but slightly caught up in their own enormous privilege.

St. Michael’s Hill – Sophie

Let’s get pissed

St. Michael’s Hill’s steep, Mount Everest-like descent will unfortunately remain unmoved until the government decides to privatise it and destroy that as well. Disappointedly Mitchell and Webb refuse to dispose of Sophie either and so we’ll just have to put up with her complaining about anything and everything for one more series.

The Triangle – Johnson

I’m going to be Charles and you’ll be my Camilla

It’s a real love/hate relationship with Johnson and it’s the same with the Triangle. We all hit that stage in the year when you really can’t stand another terrible night in Lola Los but then two days later you’re back on the horse getting a bit too rowdy at Bunker Monday’s. The same goes for Johnson: sometimes you want to punch the TV screen he’s so annoying, other times you’re rolling on the floor laughing and coming back for more.

UWE – Jeff

You could have your cock in her and you still wouldn’t have the balls to fuck

The constant pest which won’t stop rearing its ugly head. Jeff, just like UWE, is funny to laugh at, hard to take seriously, a plucky character but largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Colston Hall – Gerard

Tube up his nose, tube up his nose