The five best outdoor spaces to exercise in Selly during lockdown

Here are five outdoor spaces for you to get your legs moving and heart pumping

Lockdown 2.0 is definitely hitting most of us right now, that’s why it’s super important to get some exercise and go outside for a walk, run or cycle.

There’s no excuse. The hard work has been done for you all ready, check these parks out which have been scouted all for Selly’s UoB students to during lockdown.

All locations have walking distance from The Goose on Bristol Road because we will all know where the pub is.

Selly Park (11 mins)

Selly Park has to be a top tier UoB location. In summer its packed with students and the local community enjoying the heat. This time of year (and with lockdown) there tends to be a lot less people but the sights don’t disappear after summer.

Selly Park definitely has the park je ne sais quoi that motivates you to run full pelt across the field which is why you will often find UoB’s running fanatics here. The best thing about Selly Park is the if its warm enough and you time it right you are very likely to meet some beautiful and very friendly dogs.

Selly Oak Park (not to be confused with Selly Park) 16 mins

This park is great for anyone that’s a fitness freak and fancies some cross country or long jogs. The park even comes equipped with a functioning outdoor gym for those that are really missing Tiverton and the main gym. Directly behind the retail park, it’s close enough to Selly Oak’s Bristol Road high street but far enough away to give the illusion you are just a little bit more of a Brummie.

Selly Oak Park is also a hotspot for awkward socially distanced first dates so if you happen to have a tinder boo then take them here to see the Selly sights. Selly Oak park is also home to some weird and wonderful animals like the Pipistrelle bat! So if you want a bit more excitement on your daily walk then go through Selly Oak Park.

Muntz park (18 mins)

Muntz park is a gem for UoB students that study languages or history, particularly if you live close to the Raddlebarn side of Selly Oak. The park has a rich history-for a tiny park in the middle of Selly Oak that no one seems to know about. The name Muntz is from the prominent German family who used to own the land until it was turned into the park we know today.

The park generally has a low footfall and includes a perfect little snug spot hidden away shown in the photo below. This park is perfect for a walk to calm you nerves and get out of your head. It has to be said though, there is a lack of furry friends in Muntz park compared to others. Leaf wise this park is definitely a strong contender.

The Vale (28 mins)

An absolute classic and a right of passage for all UoB students regardless of the weather. The Vale is always the place to be. It’s currently unable to host any events but the Vale is still worth the walk even from Selly or a run. It’s the perfect distance there and back to Selly if you want to get a few km’s in. Not to mention the stunning Vale lake in all weather is gorgeous.

Word of warning the geese at the Vale are known for being vicious so don’t invade their space and of course don’t push security’s buttons when your on the Vale-they will push back.

Canon Hill Park (34 mins)

Canon Hill is an underrated staple of UoB culture. This is definitely the park to go to to get your life in order. All sorts of people from the local community, joggers,  kids, tweens, the elderly, students all make use of of Canon Hill.

Like the Vale you might be met with an angry mob of geese so please be careful. Canon Hill’s lake is absolutely a must see for sunset and the park even has some lovely art features for you to wonder at. Full of cute little paths and wide open spaces Canon Hill has it all.

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