The five ugliest buildings on UoB’s campus

So ugly, they’re iconic

Students from around the world come to the University of Birmingham every year in anticipation of the historical red-bricked campus we all know and love.

Though a lot can be said for the impressive stature of Old Joe and the grandeur of Aston Webb, there are definitely a few more unsightly places on campus.

Here are the top five ugliest buildings on campus…

1. Muirhead Tower

Coming in at number one as the most disgusting looking building on campus is Muirhead Tower. This 14-story, almost 100-meter-wide building honestly looks like a mouldy Lego Brick plonked at the heart of the university. Tragically juxtaposed with the adjacent ivy-covered Arts building and the luscious Green Heart, this building is impossible to miss. Apparently, though, it has some rare Shakespeare archives in its basement, which are a lot more impressive than this building’s questionable exterior.

2. Ashley Building

A very strong second and only just missing out on top spot, we have the Ashley Building. Is it the shape? The colours? The below-freezing temperatures of the seminar rooms? Notorious for its truly repulsive appearance, both on the inside and the outside, this cylindrical monstrosity really is an eyesore. Although, you can see Old Joe from the windows in certain seminar rooms.

3. Biosciences

At number three we have Biosciences. Greeting all Selly Oak students as they begin their days via the south entrance of campus, Biosciences looms over the other buildings like a prison and is in serious need of a makeover. Perhaps its most uplifting characteristic is that it isn’t very far to walk to if you live in Selly Oak, but that really is the only positive of this place.

4. Haworth

A serious contender for third place, Haworth narrowly misses out on the spot owing to the sheer size of Biosciences’ hideousness, but comes in a strong fourth place. Haworth is located just before Biosciences, and looks just as ugly on the inside as it does on the outside. I mean…those blinds. This building oozes spooky-hospital vibes and is not one of the many buildings on campus you’d want to end up in.

5. The School of Education

Last but not least at number five, we have the School of Education. Upon first glance, this may not look like it’s in the same league as some of the masterpieces listed above (or…maybe it does?). But let’s just take a look at that lower green roof – it looks like the bottom of a dirty swimming pool that hasn’t been cleaned since last summer. However, at least this building is on the outskirts of campus, and doesn’t inflict its appearance on us TOO much.

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