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Serious car crash along the Aston Webb Boulevard

Emergency services arrived quickly at the scene

There has been a serious car crash along the Aston Webb Boulevard, on the on the south wall of the University of Birmingham campus.

The incident occurred at approximately 4.00pm, opposite the Tesco Esso Petrol Station, with emergency responders arriving quickly at the scene.

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The roads and pavements around the crash have been blocked off by the emergency services, with the police, fire and ambulance services all present. Both the cause and nature of the crash, as well as the welfare of the driver, is currently unclear.

Emily Lewis, a third year Philosophy student, described how the crash looked "awful".

"It's quite traumatising to look at, I was a bit scared seeing it. There were also lots of people around staring which isn't what was needed."

This is a breaking story that will be updated as more information comes in. West Midlands Police Service have been contacted for comment. If you have any further information, please contact The Birmingham Tab on Facebook.