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Vote in UoB’s Hottest Single: Heat two

They’re back and fit as ever


Have you had enough of feasting your eyes on the best Brum has to offer? Us neither. It’s heat two of UoB’s Hottest Single, and it’s getting hot in here.

Oh, and to the Brumfess naysayer: we’re sorry you didn’t get nommed, maybe next year, hey?

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don’t be bitter be better x

Lizzie, 19, 1st year Physiotherapy

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Lizzie has yet to find a guy worthy of her and has thus never had a relationship. Will this change her fate? Her ideal date involves “getting literally any food” so line up lads. Beware, though, the last guy she saw went on Love Island without telling her so you’ve got a lot to live up to. Is she UoB’s answer to Megan Barton Hanson?

Danika, 20, 2nd year Biomedical Sciences

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Despite being single for “20 years”, Danika is a hopeless romantic at heart, looking for love over staying on the pull. Her chat up line is “I put the sex in dyslexia”, and to see her in action you can check out the music video for ‘Something More’ by YesLad, as she was cast as the lead. She’s looking to grab the title of Hottest Single to spice up her Tinder bio.

Anna, 21, 3rd year English Literature

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Anna’s ideal date is a quintessential one: a picnic and Pimms. She said that winning this “mean more to me than getting a First, and my parents would be so proud!”

Tighe, 19, 2nd year Sports Science

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Having been single for the grand total of two and a half months, Tighe is a man of mystery, asking “is there a third option?” when asked if he’s staying on the pull or looking for love. He’s also a man of many words: when asked what winning this competition would mean to him, Tighe answered “nowt”. Inspiring.

Alyx, 19, 2nd year Business Management

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Alyx is proudly repping all of Wales (and her mum) in her mission to be crowned UoB’s hottest single. She’s a laid back gal, saying she just wants to “chillax, relax, and have a great time”. Describing her first date, Alyx tells us “Bottle bar Fab, number 2 Roosters, Old Joe.” We’ll let you make of that what you will.

Lucy, 19, 2nd year English Literature and Creative Writing

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Using her fiery red locks to ensnare her suitors, Lucy’s chat up line is “I’ll be your Ginger Spice”. She’s looking to capture the title and the heart of a new love interest, because “it would mean my friends would stop bullying me about being single”.

Jennifer, 20, 2nd year English Literature

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Jennifer’s chat up line is straight to the point and might take you aback: “Are you circumcised?”. But she’s also a charitable singleton, telling her voters to head on over to her Facebook page to make a donation to BEAT. Jennifer (and her parents) are praying that she wins, because she’s said she’ll reconsider dropping out in order to maintain her BNOC status.

April, 19, 1st year Drama and English

April is looking to be swept off her feet after being confined to single status for a year and a half, telling us her ideal date is “something spontaneous”. She’s a real catch, being triple-jointed and having powerful connections in the form of the director of ‘Bridesmaids’ being her godfather. Should she win, April promises it will secure “the inflation of my ego”.

Christian, 21, 3rd year Chemical Engineering

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Christian is a UoB devotee, with his chat up line “Is your name Joseph Chamberlain, because you’ve just erected the largest freestanding cock-tower in the world?” sure to capture hearts at Fab. His ideal date is of an acquired taste: “going to the library to read a book… in silence… on opposite sides of the library”. An old romantic, then.