Trump might come to Brum on his UK visit

He may address the NEC rally to avoid retaliation

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Donald Trump’s extremely controversial state visit to the UK could be changed from London to Birmingham in order to address the NEC rally. It was reportedly suggested to the White House that Trump should visit Birmingham instead, after Trump received backlash when he was invited to Britain.

Perhaps Trump would receive more support in a pro-Brexit city rather than the capital who mostly voted to remain- almost 60 per cent of people in the West Midlands said they wanted to quit the EU in the referendum.

The visit may take place at the NEC and money collected from ticket sales would be donated to the Royal British Legion.

The trip could be delayed by one month, from June to July to occur simultaneously with Trump’s visit to the G20 summit in Hamburg.

The Telegraph quoted a source close to the President: “It would be his biggest rally with 85,000 people coming together to celebrate the US-UK special relationship. If he is not speaking to the Houses of Parliament, let’s go to the people. The only person who gets screwed is the Speaker of the House of Commons.”

1.8 million people signed a petition on the Government’s website demanding he be prevented from making a state visit to the UK. The petition will be debated by Parliament on the 20th February.