Final year student petitions for Taylor Swift to play at Grad Ball

Her tickets to Taylor’s concert were stolen in an online scam

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A final year student has started an online petition campaigning for Taylor Swift to play at Grad Ball.

Emma Dracup, a third year History student is hoping that with enough signatures, her petition will capture Taylor’s attention and she will come to Birmingham to play at Grad Ball.

Emma said: “I was a bit drunk and talking to some friends about who we thought would be the best artist to perform at Grad Ball this year.

 “Someone suggested Beyoncé and then I suggested Taylor Swift.
“We know that she often responds to requests like this from fans, so I made an online petition.”

T for Taylor!

Emma was surprised by the positive reaction to her petition, after posting the link on the Fab Facebook page yesterday. The link gathered 94 Facebook likes and has accumulated 74 signatures so far.
Emma added: “I thought people would take the piss to be honest.
“If Taylor were actually to perform we’ll need many more signatures. The more the better.”

The petition needs to gather as many signatures as possible

The petition has gathered positive comments from students, including “Tay Tay is Bae Bae” and “T-Swizzle is the shizzle.”
After gathering a sufficient amount of signatures, Emma will try to catch the Shake It Off singer’s attention on Twitter.
She drafted a Tweet to send to Taylor with the link to the petition, which reads: “Hey Tay! Birmingham loves you and want you to perform so badly at their Grad Ball.
“It would be the perfect way to say goodbye, by saying Shake It Off to all dem studies.”
Emma has never seen Taylor Swift live before, as her own concert tickets were stolen in an online scam. She said that seeing the singer live would make not only her University life complete, but her whole life.

Emma said: “It would make the world whole. The story of life would be complete. It would make my whole University experience better than Fab.”

If you support Emma’s cause and would like Taylor Swift to perform at Grad Ball, you can sign the petition here.