Smashed second year smashes face at Fab

She fell over

A Drama second year damaged her face at Fab after a friendly piggyback between housemates went terribly wrong.

Maddie Ward woke up with more than a hangover this morning after last night’s Fab.

At the end of the night, her rugby playing housemate Harry tried to give her a piggyback home. The stunt went wrong, ending in Maddie leaving some of the skin from her face behind at the Guild.

Maddie told The Tab how the incident unfolded.

She said: “One of my housemates had friends up from home, so we decided to take them to Fab.

“I had a great night, I had enough VK’s to last me a lifetime as per.”


Maddie pre piggyback-gate

Although she’d had a few too many VK’s, Maddie remembers the impact of the fall.

“We were leaving Fab to go home, when my rugby playing housemate Harry picked me up over his shoulders.

“He lost his footing and I went full speed into the floor.”


Maddie post piggyback-gate

A security guard advised Maddie that she did not need medical attention.

“No one from the Guild saw. I vaguely remember a security man coming to help me, and reassuring me I wouldn’t need stitches”, Maddie said.

When Maddie woke up this morning she said she was “not feeling so Fab N Fresh at all.”

On Sunday afternoon, Maddie posted a picture of her wounds to the Fab N Fresh Facebook page.


When asked why she decided to share the photo, Maddie said she did it “for the bants.”

Maddie said that Harry did not realise the scale of what had happened on the night

“He didn’t even realise what had happened at the time. He feels really bad about it this morning.”

Despite the fall, Maddie said she’d give the night “a solid eight out of 10.”

Maddie has shared an exclusive tip for surviving Fab to readers of The Tab.

She says: “Don’t over do it on the VK’s and don’t agree to drunk piggybacks. They never end well.”