MAFS UK final vows

A rundown of every statement the MAFS UK cast have made following the final vows

Not Georges saying it’s been ‘unbaguettable’

The final vows on MAFS UK are a bit of a long slog. Not that the vows themselves are even that slog-like, they’re actually fine as long as the channel isn’t shoving an ad break in every two seconds. But all the faff! All the walking! All the umming and ahhhing! Draining beyond belief. With the final vows of MAFS UK finally wrapped up, here’s what all the couples have said about the final vows on social media following the episodes.


Writing in a lengthy post on Instagram, Laura said “By now hopefully you’ll have all watched mine and Arthur’s final vows. Watching it back brought back a tidal wave of emotions. There was so much riding on that day for both of us.

“I expect not everyone will like or even understand my decision. That’s ok. You weren’t there. You didn’t feel what I felt. I meant what I said, I’ve always been a ‘fixer’. Arthur and I had grown so much as people, but the more we grew as individuals, the further we grew apart from each other. When a relationship is no longer bringing the best out in each person and it becomes a struggle to stay on the same page, that’s when decisions have to be made for the sake of both parties.

“I meant what I said, Arthur is perfect for someone. I say that with sincerity and all the love my little heart can muster. No one will know our relationship behind closed doors, but what I do know, is that life has taught me time and time again to always choose you, for you. There’s no shame in that, it’s not selfish, it’s necessary.

“This process taught me endless lessons. I walk away from this experience as a fierce, determined and resilient woman. For every message in my inbox calling me a ‘role model’, ‘inspiring’, and a ‘powerhouse of strength’ – I see you. Thank you. And for every message in my inbox calling me ‘cold’ and ‘stuck up’, I urge you to advocate for yourself the way I have, instead of hating on someone you’ve never met.

“I hope you’ll look back with kinder eyes one day and see me as someone who was balanced and diplomatic in disagreements, someone who always backed the ‘under dog’.”


After Laura called it off with Arthur, he posted about the MAFS UK final vows on Instagram.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened,” his post began. “Thank you for what’s probably going to be one of the best experiences of my humble life. This journey has taught me a few things. I’ve learnt that it’s ok not to be ok, you don’t always have to pretend that you’re the strongest person alive, it’s ok to be vulnerable at times and show your feelings and emotions when needed

“Lastly, that I’m fine just the way I am so no need to pretend/lie to be anyone else, I am who I am and I’m proud of it. I am super proud of myself for even taking part in this wild experiment called MAFS, for someone with severe anxiety I did well!!!”

Erica and Jordan

Erica was way more short and sweet with her post after her and Jordan committed to each other at the final vows. She says “What an absolute rollercoaster. This has been one of the most challenging, incredible journeys of my entire life and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world! I’m so proud of us. Let’s see what chapter two has in store for us.”

Jordan didn’t post.


Georges started off his post calling the MAFS UK experience “unbaguettable”, of course. “I’ve always found in life that nice good hearted men never win, and I seriously mean that, I always found when I was too nice I lost myself however, this time I lost myself and managed to bounce back, bigger, better and happier!

“Life works in magical and mysterious ways, this must be the most mysterious of them. Today I give you me, my loud, confident, large personality & waist line. Thank you for everyone’s love and support. Here’s to you and our beautiful journey ahead.
To be continued… Baguette ever after.”


Peggy called out the editing in her post about the MAFS UK final vows, saying the show never showed their good times. “Who said ‘happy ever after’ doesn’t exist!! From our first wedding day to this moment, who would have thought!? Sharing our journey, the highs and lows, has been an absolute rollercoaster! It’s a shame you never see the good times we had but there were probably too many that would’ve spoiled the ending for you all!

“Watching it back, reliving every emotion was the hardest part but knowing the outcome was what kept us going. From our highs to the lows, our story is real, imperfect, but uniquely ours! I wouldn’t have wanted to share this journey with anybody else and I’m so grateful and excited for our future together…So relieved that we can now publicly celebrate the imperfectly perfect us!”

Adrienne and Matt

Adrienne kept it short and sweet. “What a journey! We married a stranger and together formed incredible memories which will last a lifetime.”

Matt simply said “What an experience.”

Tasha and Paul

In a joint post, Tasha and Paul said “I choose you now, tomorrow and forever.”

Ella and JJ

On her Instagram story, Ella wrote “That was emotional .. but I’m so proud of how far I’ve come, how much I’ve grown, and what I’ve learnt about myself and relationships. This has been the hardest episode to watch, but also the best to watch. Thank you to JJ for everything you’ve shown me. You will always be a huge part of my life, a bestie for life, and have the biggest place in my heart forever!

“I may now be single, and not have left the experiment with a husband or a boyfriend either, but I’m now a strong, independent, grown, and, more importantly, proud woman. The world is now my oyster and I can’t wait to see what’s to come and the adventures that lie ahead for me and my future.”

JJ did not make a grid post or say anything after the episode aired, but pre the MAFS UK final vows he said on his Instagram story “I can’t believe it’s time for final vows, what a journey it has been! I just want to say thank you to Ella – you truly are an inspiration and I’m blessed to have you in my life. You have helped me learn so much about myself and grow into a better person.”

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