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Just a rundown of Matt Hancock’s biggest flops since leaving the I’m A Celeb jungle

It may not shock you to learn his book is one of them

When Matt Hancock returned from the I’m A Celeb jungle he was hoping to have hard launched himself on the nation effectively enough to enjoy an Ed Balls-esque follow up career. Maybe an appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, for example. Or a cameo on Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel.

But sadly enough for Matt, despite his valiant attempt at a rebrand in the Australian outback via swallowing mouthfuls of kangaroo penis, the general public appears to have neither forgiven nor forgotten the veritable shit show we faced as a nation at his hands as health secretary during the pandemic.

So, in case you wanted an update on just how badly Hancock’s post jungle comeback is going, here are all of Hancock’s biggest flops since leaving the I’m A Celeb jungle:

His book has seriously undersold

Hancock’s book, The Pandemic Diaries, only sold 3,304 copies in its first week on shelves and, although it entered the official book chart at position 191, it rapidly shot out of the top 1,000 within the first week. So, no literary sequel coming out any time soon, then.

“There are kernels of truth in here,” the Guardian’s review of the diary read. “Some uncomfortable, about why politicians make the decisions they do. It’s just a shame extracting them feels much like enduring one of I’m a Celebrity’s bush tucker trials; all that groping through muck and grubs, just for a couple of plastic stars.”

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Nobody seems to wants to be his agent

After Hancock’s pandemic memoir spectacularly flopped, reports emerged he’d been unable to land himself a celebrity agent thanks to the disaster. According to the Mirror, he consulted with his famous friends to see which agent he should pick before calling off the search altogether.

However, when his lack of representation came out in the papers, Hancock’s representatives were quick to claim he’d simply decided not to take any agents up on their offers. “Matt has had lots of offers from agents wanting to represent him, but he’s turned them all down as he doesn’t want or need an agent,” they said.

He can’t shake off his sleazy politician reputation

Despite finishing third place in this year’s I’m A Celeb, Hancock hasn’t quite had the redemption arc he was hoping for. One cursory look at Twitter will show the rage that still bubbles towards him for breaking lockdown rules when he was the one who made them. And this resentment was only intensified when the Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Dowden claimed it would be “disproportionate” to punish Hancock for going on I’m A Celeb— even though he broke ministerial rules.

Conservatives don’t want him to represent them anyway

But even if Matt Hancock did want to return to his position as West Suffolk’s MP in the next election, it’s clear his party have had enough of him anyway. According to reports from the iPaper, a letter from the Tory MP’s constituency chairman, sent before Mr Hancock announced he was quitting, said his local party had lost confidence in him over his appearance on I’m a Celeb and ruled him “not fit” to represent them. Ouch.

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