A full rundown of every time Matt Hancock clawed at celeb status and attempted a comeback

I am begging turtlenecks are official I’m A Celeb camp contraband

It’s been well over a year since Matt Hancock resigned from his ministerial role for breaking social distancing guidelines. He tactfully resigned after footage of him kissing his aide in his office surfaced and his hand was firmly below her waist. The press took grip of this photo like it was a bull with horns and Hancock had no other choice but to leave office.

You’d think after getting caught kissing your aide you’d leave the public eye with your tail between your legs. However, for some reason, that is not how Hancock’s brain works. He tried rebranding himself with stuff like running the London Marathon, going on Steven Bartlett’s podcast and even attending the Jingle Bell Ball wearing a sodding turtleneck. Here’s a rundown of every single time Matt Hancock attempted to rebrand himself and claw at some kind of celebrity status.

Running the London Marathon

Matt Hancock has the energy of a man who thinks he can solve the men’s mental health crisis with cryptocurrency, oat milk flat whites and running marathons.

I mean, what do you get when you take a former Health secretary who was forced to resign and a very public fundraising page? You get Matt Hancock’s worst nightmare. He surely expected the reaction he got, right? I mean fair, he had a couple of quid here and there from mates and family but for the most part he was heavily trolled and it was jokes.

He released a 50 second video of pure hell

Hancock posted a very wooden video of himself walking around Haverhill, in his constituency, chatting to people on the high street. The video starts as a woman touches his arm and cheek and says it’s “so good” to see him. He then awkwardly replies saying “We’ve got through it, haven’t we, and we’re coming out the other side.” Not really, Matt!

Jingle Bell Ball ft. the turtleneck

Nothing says “I’m reformed” quite like a middle-aged man in a turtleneck and attending Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball.

Hancock was in his staple black turtleneck and turned up to hear artists such as Becky Hill and Justin Bieber. How can something be so on and off brand at the same time??

The Steven Bartlett podcast appearance

Hancock and his turtleneck went on The Diary of a CEO this year, following in Molly-Mae Hague’s footsteps. He discussed his biggest controversies, his time in office and Partygate. He also got to tell his side of the story about falling in love with his aide, Gina Colangelo.

Hancock mansplained cryptocurrency in April this year

Exactly what I said earlier. Matt Hancock has the energy of a man who thinks he can solve the men’s mental health crisis with cryptocurrency. Speaking at the London Crypto Club, he said: “Cryptocurrencies are a force for good in the world. Bad people are going to use all sorts of currencies and have since currencies were invented. That is also true of cryptocurrencies. But the advantage of a currency that is based on the blockchain is that if you get the regulatory piece right, then you get more transparency, not less, and the FBI have recently proved this in the states, which was excellent.

“So when it comes to things like sanctions, you can see the flow of money. And of course, there are dark corners that make this more challenging, but the mass market is a force for good, and so, there is a need to be making this argument.”

Hancock got overly competitive against literal children on dodgems

In May this year, Matt Hancock was spotted getting overly into the dodgems at a funfair. A mum-of-three said her daughter even bashed into his dodgems – quite iconic from her. The worst part is the fact he had to leave once more people started to recognise him. Imagine getting spotted at the dodgems? It’s hardly Love Islander level, is it?

via SWNS

He’s writing a book and the front cover is evil

If you can’t get on Strictly to revive your career then try book writing said no one ever. Very recently Matt Hancock announced he was writing a book about the pandemic. What makes it worse though is the fact he announced it on GB News.

He said: “I’m writing a book about the experience, what it looked like from being health secretary and what actually happened at the time.”

Appearing on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

For the love of god, I am begging turtlenecks are official club contraband. Hancock is following the footsteps of another influential woman in his life, Nadine Dorries. It has been reported he is taking part in this year’s I’m A Celeb and it’s more important than ever we come together as a nation and vote for this man to do every single evil trial on that show. We cannot let him know peace.

Dodgem photo via SWNS.

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