Thomas from MAFS says he applied for Big Brother and wasn’t allowed on

Meanwhile he’s been dragging his co-stars for wanting to be more famous

Since MAFS UK came to an end, Thomas Hartley just can’t stop hitting the headlines on a weekly basis. Two weeks ago he was called out for his “sick” comments about his co-stars on a podcast and then this week he’s revealed he was rejected for Big Brother.

On his Instagram story today Thomas has been answering a load of questions, one of them was regarding whether he had applied for the newest season of Big Brother. Thomas says: “I requested to go in, I’ve asked and I’m going to tag them again right now. Apparently no because I have been on TV before.”

He also admitted again that he is not speaking to any of the cast mates from MAFS UK following the podcast drama. Which, in case you missed it, was pretty big. During a podcast appearance, Thomas spoke about Jenna and said: “She said ‘well I lost my dad’ and I thought ‘how am I supposed to fix this.’ So I was like ‘if he was here would you have him walk you down the aisle.” The podcast hosts all began to make jokes about Jenna’s late father as Thomas laughed along.

Yesterday on Instagram Thomas said: “No, where most of the cast is concerned now I don’t want any association. I’m just going to do things that make me happy and feel secure.” Someone also asked about Adrian and Thomas says he wishes him nothing but love even though they’re not on speaking terms. Big yikes.

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