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Ranked: These are the celebs who have been making the most money on Cameo

Loool not Jay from The Inbetweeners being a Cameo millionaire

Cameo is an app that came almost out of nowhere, with the simple idea of celebrities giving fans a message of two. There’s no doubt people use it to their advantage by giving celebs the wildest things to say for a friends Christmas or birthday present, and by doing this, celebrities are actually making a fair bit of money. Some charge insane amounts for a simply message and if they’re in demand, there’s no predicting how much they are making day in and day out. Reality TV stars from the likes of Love Island and Love Is Blind are all over Cameo as soon as the cameras stop rolling, but out of everyone, who is actually making the most money? Here is a ranking of the richest celebs on Cameo:

1. James Buckley – $1 million

Cameo richest

via Instagram @buxtagram

James Buckley recently made headlines after he became named Cameo’s first UK millionaire after two and a half years of being on the app. The former Inbetweeners star has earned $1 million all by sending fans personalised messages. James has since said that Cameo has given him “financial freedom” to pursue his other projects.

2. Brian Baumgartner – $1 million

Cameo richest

via Instagram @bbbaumgartner

Many people will recognise Brian for his role as Kevin Malone in the US version of The Office. Alongside that, Brian is one of Cameo’s biggest earners. Brian was the first celebrity to pass the $1 million mark on Camera back in November 2021. Brian charges $195 for a Camoe video which roughly equates to £162.

3. Carole Baskin – $120,000 a week

Cameo richest

via Netflix

After her rise to fame on Netflix’s The Tiger King, Carole Baskin joined Cameo in July 2020. On her first day on the app, Carole reportedly made £17,762 after fans began to request videos of the Netflix star. The Tiger King star charges just under £210 for a video on the app or £17 for a message. It was reported she earned around $120,000 a week from her Cameo videos.

4. Lindsay Lohan – $17,000 a week

via Instagram @lindsaylohan

Lindsay Lohan is the gift that keeps on giving and even more so in March 2020 when joined Cameo. Lindsay’s prices for a personalised video are set at £450 and in 2021, Lindsay helped a fan come out in a heartwarming video. When asked if she could help the fan, Lindsay said in the video: “Hi Alana, it’s Lindsay Lohan. I know that you are about to take a very big step in telling your parents who you truly are and what you want them to accept of you — and I think you should do it yourself.

“I think that coming from you, you’ll feel a lot of power and strength. And it’s important that you are who you truly are, and that you love yourself and that you can live by that and tell your parents that.” It was reported that in 2020, Lindsay Lohan made $17,000 in one week after upping her video fee.

5. Floyd Mayweather – £13,000 per video

via Instagram @floydmayweather

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most well known heavyweights in the world and so it’s no doubt he charges around £13,000 per video. This makes Floyd the most expensive celebrity on the app and many fans have been impressed with the videos they have received.

6. Rhys James – £900 per video

via Instagram @rhysjamesy

Mock the Week’s Rhys James provides audiences and fans alike with laughs as he is one of the highest earning Brits on Cameo, which makes sense considering his personalised videos start at £900.

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