The Crown season five memes

Enjoy these 20 memes while you binge every episode of The Crown season five

I believe in Elizabeth Debicki supremacy

The Crown is back and the creators of the show have left no stone unturned when it comes to the 1990s. The fifth season of the show covers a lot of royal drama, including Princess Diana’s famous interview with Martin Bashir as well as Queen Elizabeth II’s Annus Horribilis speech. While some fans of The Crown have been pacing themselves with each episode, some are already halfway through and have been sharing their opinions and hilarious memes on social media. Enjoy these 20 memes while you binge all of season five of The Crown:

1. It never gets old x

2. A dress we shall never forget

3. There are things I wish to never hear again

4. Cinema!!

5. I shed a tear

6. It was truly adorable

7. The Crown is feeding us!

8. Facts

9. So wholesome!

10. I can’t unsee it

11. Give her every single Emmy there is

12. Feeling bad for anyone who didn’t know it was real… yikes

13. In a nutshell!

14. Looool

15. A look we must never forget

16. Shudders

17. The couple of all couples

18. It was really cute tbh

19. Let’s be for real

20. A star!

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