Mohamed Al-Fayed and Princess Diana's friendship

A deep dive into Princess Diana and Mohamed Al-Fayed’s friendship

Mohamed’s daughter said she used to ‘hang out with William and Harry all the time’

Mohamed Al-Fayed is first introduced in season five of The Crown as a young man selling drinks on the streets of Egypt and is later shown as a billionaire, rubbing shoulders with the British upper-class. Towards the end of episode three in The Crown season five, Mohamed Al-Fayed and Princess Diana meet for the first time, as do Diana and Al-Fayed’s son, Dodi. In an unlikely event, Mohamed and Diana hit it off. Over the years, Diana and Mohamed had a good friendship, with him being the one who introduced Dodi to the former Princess of Wales. Here is a look inside Mohamed Al-Fayed and Princess Diana’s friendship:

Mohamed and Diana attended a polo match together in July 1987

Mohamed Al-Fayed and Princess Diana's friendship

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It remains unclear when Al-Fayed first met Princess Diana and other members of the Royal Family, but in July 187, he attended a polo match with the former Princess of Wales. There is a picture of Princess Diana, Mohamed Al-Fayed and Prince Charles at the Harrods Polo Cup at Smith’s Lawn in Windsor.

Michael Cole once said Diana was ‘easygoing’ with Mohamed

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In 1995, the former director of public affairs at Harrods told Vanity Affair that Princess Diana was “easygoing” with Mohamed. He said: “Diana is so easygoing with Mohamed. Mohamed is not one of those who is overwhelmed by her. They spark off each other very well.”

One of Al-Fayed’s daughters, Camilla, spent a summer with Prince William and Harry

Camilla Fayed, one of Mohamed’s daughters, told Katie Nicholl that she spent the summer playing with Diana’s sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, for the book William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls.

Camilla said: “That summer we all became a team. I was 11 at the time and my sister Jasmine was 15. We used to hang out with William and Harry all the time at Kensington. We were all so excited about spending the summer together and it was wonderful. We adored each other and we did everything together.”

Mohamed Al-Fayed and Princess Diana's friendship

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Camilla recalled spending time with Princess Diana and described it as “great fun”. She said Diana was “beautiful and kind and she doted on us all.” “She would tuck us up in bed like we were her own children. We were all very close – it’s just that no one really knew about our friendship,” she added.

Mohamed Al-Fayed invited Princess Diana, William and Harry to join him at his home in St. Tropez

In 1997, Al Fayed invited Princess Diana and her children to join him at this home in St. Tropez during the summer. During the trip, Diana spent time with Dodi Al-Fayed, Mohamed’s eldest son.

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