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Jenna and Zoe say Matt was axed from the MAFS UK reunion after ‘aggressive behaviour’

‘He was involved in everyone’s business – he lost control’

Zoe and Jenna from MAFS UK have shared a load of unseen drama about Matt at the reunion, and allege his behaviour was way more aggressive than we saw on the show and that he got asked to leave.

Zoe and Jenna – the only couple from the series still together – allege that controversial Matt’s behaviour was so bad that he was told to leave.

‘Matt’s behaviour wasn’t okay’

Speaking to OK Mag, Zoe said: “Matt’s behaviour wasn’t okay. I think the next day [with the experts] they said he could stay for his bit and then he had to leave.

“That’s why he was called up first and then he had to leave after. Then he had to apologise and I don’t think his apology made much sense because his behaviour wasn’t that bad, but it was that bad. We all saw the extent of it then and there, but viewers didn’t see it. It was general aggression.”

Zoe called Matt out on numerous occassions on MAFS UK

Matt had admitted to leaving the reunion early. Speaking to The Sun, Matt made the following statement: “I know there’s been rumours online with fans thinking I did something wrong or whatever, but I didn’t. I just didn’t want to sit there bawling my eyes out the whole time.

“It came out of no where and I think I just needed to let it all out. But I didn’t want to do that in front of the group and especially not on camera, so I had a chat with the team and they respected my request and I left.

“There was no drama, nothing bad happened during filming, only in my personal life and I just needed some space and time to process that pain. I needed to leave that bubble and try and work on myself and attempt some sort of healing process.”

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