I regret to inform you Astrid Wett and Snapshot Eye Paul are hanging out on TikTok

Will we ever know peace?

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It is with a heavy heart that I sadly announce the news that the worst collaboration in TikTok history is here – Astrid Wett and Paul aka Snapshot Eye aka Beauty Beyond the Eye are hanging out together and posting videos. Nothing good can possibly come of this.

Astrid Wett posted the video of her and Paul Beauty Beyond the Eye, the artist formally known as Snapshot Eye last night and it’s already got TikTok up in arms. Here’s the low down.

It’s set to the tune of *checks notes*… Phineas and Ferb

It’s all a bit Scottish Declan to be honest, because the two of them are “dancing” in the middle of what looks to be a shopping centre? At first I thought it was a footie ground, but I’ve been deceived. Anyway, the two are fannying around to the Phineas and Ferb Candace bop Squirrels In My Pants, which the show used to call SIMP but now probably doesn’t since the meaning has changed drastically.

You can bet if these two have anything to go by this won’t be the last content we see from them – I am tentatively braced for more jumpscares on the FYP from them as we inch closer to Halloween. The comment section is absolutely savage, as expected. “This is the most painful collaboration ever conjured in this app’s history” writes one. “Every movement he makes creates unimaginable anger within me” writes another.

The bluntest and the shortest comment simply reads: “The Undateables”.

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