TikTok you want a picture

Ok so where is the ‘You want a picture let me pose for you now’ TikTok sound actually from?

You got me now? You like this one?

There’s a new song on the TikTok For You Page that is absolutely inescapable, and I have spent my entire worthless weekend quoting it like an idiot. It has wormed its way into my head and set up permanent shop. You know it, I know it – but I’ll say it anyway.  “You want a picture let me pose for you now, you got me now, OH you want another one, you like this one” is all over TikTok right now and this is where it came from, if it’s a real song and who sang it originally!

Oh it’s a real song alright

With its silly lyrics in the snippet that’s gone viral on TikTok, you’d be forgiven for easily mistaking the sound as a joke song or something that originated on the app. When you hear the full thing, it actually works a lot better – the song is called Kute & Neat and it’s by an artist called Sasique.

Sasique is a Jamaican reggae dancehall DJ, who released Kute & Neat back in 2019. I am sure she is truly over the moon to find out it’s gone viral on TikTok and Nanna Bea is giving it large to her song.

Why’s it gone viral on TikTok and how is it being used?

Everyone on TikTok is using the “You want a picture let me pose for you now” sound and posing when the camera noise goes off, of course. It’s a bit of a free for all regarding what the caption is, but most of them seem to centre around how bloody annoying it is when parents want to take a million pictures of you at all times.

Here’s some examples:

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