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How to take the new Rainforest personality test on TikTok and what all the answers mean

TikTok knows me so well

The Rainforest test is taking over TikTok and it’s teaching people about parts of their personality they didn’t even know existed. The test itself is very similar to the strawberry test, you pick answers and in the end what you pick shows the type of person you are inside. It’s pretty deep but we’ve all been loving it so here’s how to take the Rainforest Test on TikTok and what it tells you about your personality.

What is the Rainforest Test on TikTok?

The test revolves around an imaginary scenario in which you are walking through a rainforest with four different animals. It was shared by @feliciaforthewin who has over 500,000 followers on the app. Her video which explains the test has been viewed 11.4 million times, she says the test “tells you a lot about yourself.”

Here’s how to do the Rainforest Test on TikTok


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So the Rainforest Test from TikTok is a series of questions, here they are:

1. Imagine you’ve been on a long journey trying to find your way back home and now you have to walk through a rainforest.

2. You have four pets with you: A cow, a horse, a lion and a monkey

3. You’re looking at the map and the food supply and you know not all four of them are going to make it out of the rainforest with you.

4. You have to get rid of one of the four pets straight away, which one are you leaving behind?

5. You come across a man who says he will trade you all his food in exchange for one of your pets. Which pet are you going to trade?

6. Now you and your two pets have all the food you need to make it to the end of the rainforest. However your two remaining pets get into a fight. Which one are you going to save?

7. Now you’re leaving the rainforest with just one pet, which pet is that?

Here’s the meaning of the different TikTok Rainforest Test results

Right, if you ended up leaving the rainforest with a cow then this means you really value money. Leaving with a horse means you’re a hard-working and loyal person. Coming out of the rainforest with a lion means you are the protector in your friendship group and finally leaving with the monkey means you know what it’s like to feel alone.

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