Joe Weller missing

Joe Weller confirms he is ‘alive’ after fans thought he was missing in Amazon rainforest

Keemstar has been getting involved

Fans of YouTuber Joe Weller are concerned he has gone missing after he left for a trip with Elliot Crawford to the Amazon rainforest in September and has failed to post since.

Joe Weller posted details of his trip on Instagram on 28th September saying the pair were heading for a 12-day trip. It’s part of a new YouTube series that will document their travels and survival skills.

In the same post, Joe said there would be no phone signal but would be back online by 13th October.

Keemstar posted a tweet saying: “Joe Weller missing? Fans are concerned Joe has been missing after a 12 day trip in the Amazon rainforest. It’s been 21 days. #DramaAlert has just started looking into this and will update as soon as we have more information.”

Keem then replied to himself saying he has reached out to Joe’s people but not had a response however some fans have said Joe has been liking images on Instagram.

One fan spotted Joe had liked his sister’s Instagram post back on 18th October however he has still not posted himself and some fans assume he is building hype for his YouTube series.

However it has been confirmed by Joe himself that he is in fact alive and fans can expect his video in November. One week after he was meant to post, he showed his first sign of life on his socials.

The Tab has approached Joe Weller’s management for comment.

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